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Metatron’s Cube

Unlock the Secrets to Ancient Knowledge

Our Ancient Ancestors must have been guided into using units of 60 on a clock and 360 degrees on a circle for some higher purpose. These Sacred Numbers and Sacred Geometric Symbols appear in many ancient cultures around the world. 

60 x 360 = 21600

Our moon is 2160 miles in diameter, 60 units on a clock (time) multiplied by the 360 degrees on a circle (space) = 21600

60 x 60 x 24 = 86400

There are 86400 seconds in one day. 86400 divided by 400 = 216

60 x 60 x 24 = 86400

The diameter of our sun is 864 575,9 miles. It is not unreasonable to round 864 575,9 to 864000

The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon.

But the sun is also about 400 times further away, that is why the 2 appear to be roughly the same size in the sky, as seen from earth.

Solar Eclipse

Because the sun and moon appear to be the same size in the sky, the moon can almost perfectly eclipse the sun.

Intelligent Desisgn

The universe works like a giant clock. Everything is related to time and the sacred numbers 60 x 360 = 21600 x 400 = 8640000

The Bayon Temple at Angkor Wat

in Cambodia has 216 smiling faces

A hexagon is a cube in 3 dimensional space.

All Cubes have 2160 degrees of angle.

Water and Snow Crystals

form perfect hexagons. This pattern is everywhere in nature.

Even Solid Rocks Follow this Hexagonal Pattern.

Metatron’s Cube is Everywhere

My 216 and Sacred Geometry Art