More About the 216 Discovery: 

Who am I ?


My name is Lucien khan. I have always been searching for the meaning of life and the riddle of creation, I have read many books on science, philosophy, spirituality and even fiction, in search of the Truth. 

Then one day I made this profound discovery regarding circles of time and ancient knowledge. It was as though I had been awakened. I was startled to learn that my own name ‘Lucien’ is an anagram for the word ‘Nuclei’, the center of all circles. And then I was doubly dumbfounded to see that my surname ‘Khan’ is an anagram for the word ‘Ankh’, the ancient Egyptian symbol for the key to eternal life.

I had lived my whole life with this name and never really thought about it but know, suddenly everything had new meaning. It was as though this discovery of the 216 Matrix had turned on a light inside me. Since then, I felt compelled to share this knowledge with the world.

So far I have written 3 books. The first 2, “Terms & Conditions” and “The Message” represent my confused journey as I struggled with questions of morality and science. The last book “The 216 Letter Hidden Name of God” reveals the secrets I found hidden in circles of TIME.

You will find links to my books at the bottom of the page.

Since 2013:

I have been trying to share this discovery with the world on social network sites like Facebook and YouTube. I also have free documents on Google documents. The response from people has been very encouraging. Thank you all for the support.

My Mission:

I am trying to get the mainstream academic world to look at the empirical mathematical evidence for Intelligent Design and to revisit our Ancient Knowledge. Our Ancestors used units of 60 and 360 for a reason. This cannot all be random coincidence.

Your Help:

Please help me by sharing this discovery. There are still many secrets hidden inside this 216 matrix. I believe it holds the answers to the riddle of creation.Please buy a physical copy of the 216 Book to support my ongoing search for answers.


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