The Vesica Piscis

If you take 2 of the 60 Digit Cipher Clocks and combine them into a Venn Diagram commonly known as the Vesica Piscis,

this 60 digit cipher now starts to act as a key and it immediately unlocks the secret of why we use 360 degrees on our circles. 

Study the image below. The 2 circles intersect perfectly at their ‘Nuclei’, the 2 outer arcs now incredibly start to generate the sum of 360.

You need to clear your mind and try to comprehend just how magnificent this is. The 2 circles of 60 units are now generating the sum of 360.

We use 60 units on our clocks and 360 degrees on our circles. 


Below is the YouTube video on the Vesica Piscis. This is empirical evidence of intelligent design. Not only because the mathematics is so perfect, but because of our history on this planet. We used 60 and 360 in our circles long before we knew all of this. What has been guiding us?