Lucas Numbers

Lucas Numbers are similar to the Fibonacci sequence in that the next number in the series is

found by adding up the 2 previous numbers. See image below.


lucas numbers

Incredibly. The Lucas Numbers also form an end digit repeating pattern. This pattern is 12 digits long and also repeats into infinity.

We use 60 digits on our clocks and we have 12 hours on a clock face. 12 hours of night and 12 hours of day = 24 hours a day.   

lucas numbers2

Now take a look at our 60 Digit Cipher. The 12 Lucas Numbers are perfectly coded into the Key. I have to thank and credit

a Facebook friend – Rhuben Neal – for noticing the Lucas Numbers in this key and for contacting me to point them out. See image.

lucas numbers all

There are probably more secrets hidden inside this cipher just waiting to be discovered. Please help me by sharing all this so we

can get the academic world to sit up and take notice. There is absolutely no mathematical way that this cipher codes for all

Fibonacci Numbers, All Prime Numbers and All Lucas Numbers by random chance. This is mathematical perfection beyond human capability. 

Here is a YouTube video summing all of this up. This is a tribute to the late Stephen Hawking.